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Healthcare is a state issue

Movses Musaelian is a Statistics major in the Department of Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University. His interest in politics has lead him to become a contributor to an innumerable amount of political forums, and he is an avid follower of Armenian events. Read his bio in the ‘About Us’ page.

A major issue that has been dominating the U.S. political landscape in the past couple years has been undoubtedly the case for a universal healthcare system. Obama’s revolutionary new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which contains an individual mandate requiring individuals to purchase healthcare or be penalized a tax, has caused a lot of controversy, and rightfully so. In the current day, the federal government takes on a lot more responsibilities than it should – responsibilities that are beyond its fundamental duties to maintain a national defense, regulate interstate commerce, engage in international trade, etc. While there are some legitimate debates regarding its involvement, in the case of healthcare Continue reading