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Shooting down gun control

Sur Samtani joins us as a Politikon writer from UCLA. As an Economics major, Sur’s expertise is reflected by his technical and methodical approach to public policy issues. As a close friend and colleague in previous endeavors, we are grateful for his contributions. His bio will shortly follow.¬†

In light of the recent Colorado theater shooting, many anti-gun activists suggest that we should take a deeper look into gun policy in the U.S. They worry that purchasing automatic and semi-automatic assault rifles with powerful armor-piercing bullets has become too easy. Rather than asking the question, “Should we have stricter gun control in the U.S?” we should ask, “What would happen to the U.S. if we created laws that restricted the purchase of assault rifles?” The biggest problem with gun control is that its advocates assume that killers won’t find alternate ways of killing, and equally concerning is the fact that advocates also don’t anticipate killers finding another way to obtain guns.

Those people who wish to take a moderate stance on the issue often say that they just want to make it harder for criminals to obtain the most powerful weapons available. Such reasoning implies that Continue reading