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Religious barbarism must stop

The Islamic protests that occurred this past month over an offensive anti-Islamic film titled The Innocence of Muslims stand among a myriad of recent global uprisings targeting anyone suspected of being a religious offender. Similarly, in recent months, a 14 year old Christian Pakistani girl who was falsely accused of burning the Quaran was met with a mob confrontation, and continues to undergo charges for blasphemy; while in Bangladesh, Muslims burned down 10 Buddhist temples after a Facebook photo of a burning Quaran was attributed to a local Buddhist boy. The senselessness of these acts leading to the deaths of a diplomat and the ostracism of religious minorities are justifications enough to condemn the situation in the Middle East, but doing so would only undermine the larger and more dangerous issue Continue reading

Muslim fury shakes the world

Over the past week or so, large scale protests by Muslims in various countries have shaken the world. The protests took place over a film produced in the US by a person of Coptic-Egyptian descent, which greatly insulted the prophet Muhammad and depicts him in a very crude manner. Some of the protests have turned violent, notably with the killing of the US ambassador in Libya, when violent protesters attacked the US embassy there. Many of the protests have been aimed at the West, specifically the US, but have failed to recognize the fact that the film was produced without any US government endorsement and the film is protected by free speech Continue reading

Michelle Bachman has gone too far

Nikhil Kumar joins us as a writer from Carnegie Mellon University. A student in economics and statistics, Nikhil has an impressive and unparalleled knowledge of financial and economic behavior. He is the Vice-Chair and CFO of The Politikon Review, and we are honored to host his commentary. His bio will soon follow.

Recently, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman along with four other Congressmen have accused Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff and top aid to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of having ties to the ‘radical Muslim brotherhood.’ This statement is absolutely ridiculous and insulting to Huma Abedin, Hilary Clinton, and all Muslim Americans. It shows Bachman’s utter ignorance and disrespect for people of the Muslim faith. The alleged logic that Bachman employs to cite how various members of Jihad can be related to members of Abedin’s family is factually incorrect since the accusation stems from Bachman’s inability to trust and Continue reading