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Precision Medicine for a 21st Century World

Current trends in healthcare are accounting for the realization that an individual’s disease is inherently personal, affected by the patient’s genetic makeup. As such, medicine is evolving towards medical professionals who are able to use more precise and defined technological tools for each individual patient, ushering in the concept of personalized, or precision, medicine. Personalized medicine involves analyzing an individual’s genetic profile to qualify a presumed diagnosis, to group patients for more tailored therapy, and to develop and translate treatments with greater benefits than risk into a clinical setting.

Disease starts with the cells of the human body. All the cells of the human body (except red blood cells) contain DNA, which is considered the instructions for life. Strikingly, the genetic information contained in all these cells is identical; however, the expression of the genes differs between cells. Expression refers to which genes are used by the cell, and accordingly what proteins are made. Proteins are the main effectors of the cell, doing most of the work within our bodies. Here is where personalized medicine steps in. Based on the genomic and proteomic (protein) aspects of an individual’s profile, person A may be diagnosed with the same disease as person B, but the two may respond differently to their prescribed drugs. Studies have shown that Continue reading