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Corporations prey on the human condition

An article on Yahoo News caught my attention the other night as I was casually surfing the net for anything of interest. “Help Most Wanted: 5 Biggest Worker Shortages,”the piece headlines. Now, I’ll try to refrain from making any excessive commentary on Yahoo News itself, but I must mention that I hardly consider Yahoo’s content to be of any reputable quality, or credibility. On numerous occassions they’ve managed to get away with false data, warrantless claims, and idiotic and unqualified comments from their writers. In fact, to put it simply, I think their material is garbage. But enough bashing. Quality and credibility aside, take the topic they’ve presented for face value. You may need a few minutes to skim the piece before you can understand the details of my thesis.

If you’re finished reading, then the question I’m about to pose should already be lingering in your mind. It regards employment of different sorts, yes, but more generally you should be asking yourself Continue reading