Politikon News


Update: We’ve purchased our new domain name! From now on, you can find us at http://politikonreview.org

It will still take us some time to move our content from wordpress onto our new host, but you can expect a new site to be ready for reader and writer use in the next few weeks. Until that time, we’ll be leaving our content up in the same place until we’re ready to permanently move. For now, all content is being redirected to our current WordPress account.

In the time being, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter! You can find our pages at:



*Does this site look bland? We don’t blame you. Join us at the start of September when we reveal our brand new, custom designed site! We’ve employed the best web designers to build our site architecture from scratch.

*We will also have several new features that we’ll be rolling out in the near future. Here’s a short preview of what they’ll include:

-News aggregation: We want to become your primary source for keeping up with world events. Everyday we’ll post a link to a news story that we believe all readers should be informed about.

Bill/Politician of the week: We’ve got our eyes set on Congress, and we’re looking out for your interests by posting short synopses on important bills and politicians of the week.

-A short series of tutorials and FAQs on the procedure to approaching government agencies. Our posts will deal with the obstacles and red tape that every American must go through, be it at the dmv, contacting your state senator, or simply filing your taxes, in the hopes that we will make it easier for Americans to engage the bureaucratic process.

-A myriad of social media outlets! Keep your eye out as we attempt to generate a following on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube!


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