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Religious barbarism must stop

The Islamic protests that occurred this past month over an offensive anti-Islamic film titled The Innocence of Muslims stand among a myriad of recent global uprisings targeting anyone suspected of being a religious offender. Similarly, in recent months, a 14 year old Christian Pakistani girl who was falsely accused of burning the Quaran was met with a mob confrontation, and continues to undergo charges for blasphemy; while in Bangladesh, Muslims burned down 10 Buddhist temples after a Facebook photo of a burning Quaran was attributed to a local Buddhist boy. The senselessness of these acts leading to the deaths of a diplomat and the ostracism of religious minorities are justifications enough to condemn the situation in the Middle East, but doing so would only undermine the larger and more dangerous issue Continue reading

US Olympic athlete’s display of two flags sparks debate on patriotism

The Olympics is a time when national pride runs high as people from all around the world watch and cheer for their country in this spectacular sporting event. In these moments, athletes often show off their national flags as a sign of pride for the country they are representing. Leo Manzano, an athlete representing the US, decided to hold up two flags when winning the silver medal: one of the US, where he grew up, and the other of Mexico, where he was born and is currently a citizen, despite leaving at an early age. This display of dual patriotism drew controversy among the public with people criticizing Manzano’s dual display, while others viewed it understandably given his dual identity as a Mexican American and his roots in both countries. The athlete later went on to say to the media that he was Continue reading

Corporations prey on the human condition

An article on Yahoo News caught my attention the other night as I was casually surfing the net for anything of interest. “Help Most Wanted: 5 Biggest Worker Shortages,”the piece headlines. Now, I’ll try to refrain from making any excessive commentary on Yahoo News itself, but I must mention that I hardly consider Yahoo’s content to be of any reputable quality, or credibility. On numerous occassions they’ve managed to get away with false data, warrantless claims, and idiotic and unqualified comments from their writers. In fact, to put it simply, I think their material is garbage. But enough bashing. Quality and credibility aside, take the topic they’ve presented for face value. You may need a few minutes to skim the piece before you can understand the details of my thesis.

If you’re finished reading, then the question I’m about to pose should already be lingering in your mind. It regards employment of different sorts, yes, but more generally you should be asking yourself Continue reading

Chik-Fil-A serves up controversy

The fast food industry has been politicized in ways you wouldn’t have imagined, but if you’ve been keeping up with the flak on Chik-fil-A, then you already know that the recent controversy isn’t over the chicken. It’s over homophobia.

Last month, Jim Henson Co., the company behind The Muppets and other iconic puppets, canceled its partnership with Chik-fil-A after the president of the fast food joint acknowledged that it had been endorsing anti-gay organizations. In response to the revelation, Lisa Henson, CEO of the Muppets company, ordered all payments from the former Chik-fil-A partnership to be donated to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. The move sparked a renewed debate over First Amendment rights and gay marriage that has raged for weeks. Chik-fil-A has since issued a recall on its Muppet toys, citing potential safety hazards to children. A spokesperson for the company has assured that Continue reading

Shooting down gun control

Sur Samtani joins us as a Politikon writer from UCLA. As an Economics major, Sur’s expertise is reflected by his technical and methodical approach to public policy issues. As a close friend and colleague in previous endeavors, we are grateful for his contributions. His bio will shortly follow. 

In light of the recent Colorado theater shooting, many anti-gun activists suggest that we should take a deeper look into gun policy in the U.S. They worry that purchasing automatic and semi-automatic assault rifles with powerful armor-piercing bullets has become too easy. Rather than asking the question, “Should we have stricter gun control in the U.S?” we should ask, “What would happen to the U.S. if we created laws that restricted the purchase of assault rifles?” The biggest problem with gun control is that its advocates assume that killers won’t find alternate ways of killing, and equally concerning is the fact that advocates also don’t anticipate killers finding another way to obtain guns.

Those people who wish to take a moderate stance on the issue often say that they just want to make it harder for criminals to obtain the most powerful weapons available. Such reasoning implies that Continue reading

When a peaceful protest becomes a riot

The broad coverage of the First Amendment is one of the greatest rights we have as citizens of the U.S. because it can take many forms, even those that have not yet been realized. However, it’s important to note that this right isn’t all encompassing and that, as a nation, we must acknowledge the inherent dangers that free speech can present to the general public.

The demonstrations in Anaheim, California this week are just a taste of free speech gone bad. The problem? The transition from peaceful demonstration to riot is an issue that is mostly ignored in political and social discourse that justifies the First Amendment right to assemble and protest. The demonstrations began as a result of Anaheim police officers shooting an unarmed man known to have a criminal record. The sixth fatal shooting by the police department this year, many are outraged that Continue reading

Michelle Bachman has gone too far

Nikhil Kumar joins us as a writer from Carnegie Mellon University. A student in economics and statistics, Nikhil has an impressive and unparalleled knowledge of financial and economic behavior. He is the Vice-Chair and CFO of The Politikon Review, and we are honored to host his commentary. His bio will soon follow.

Recently, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman along with four other Congressmen have accused Huma Abedin, Deputy Chief of Staff and top aid to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, of having ties to the ‘radical Muslim brotherhood.’ This statement is absolutely ridiculous and insulting to Huma Abedin, Hilary Clinton, and all Muslim Americans. It shows Bachman’s utter ignorance and disrespect for people of the Muslim faith. The alleged logic that Bachman employs to cite how various members of Jihad can be related to members of Abedin’s family is factually incorrect since the accusation stems from Bachman’s inability to trust and Continue reading