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When a peaceful protest becomes a riot

The broad coverage of the First Amendment is one of the greatest rights we have as citizens of the U.S. because it can take many forms, even those that have not yet been realized. However, it’s important to note that this right isn’t all encompassing and that, as a nation, we must acknowledge the inherent dangers that free speech can present to the general public.

The demonstrations in Anaheim, California this week are just a taste of free speech gone bad. The problem? The transition from peaceful demonstration to riot is an issue that is mostly ignored in political and social discourse that justifies the First Amendment right to assemble and protest. The demonstrations began as a result of Anaheim police officers shooting an unarmed man known to have a criminal record. The sixth fatal shooting by the police department this year, many are outraged that Continue reading

UC tuition freeze result of student entitlement?

As part of a 2012-2013 budget proposal sure to satisfy parents of college students, Gov. Jerry Brown has recently worked with Democratic leaders to guarantee to hold tuition rates flat for both the UC and CSU systems over the course of this year and the next. This guarantee comes on the heels of initiatives to cut state spending and reduce the state’s $15.7 billion deficit. The proposal will cost the state $125 million for each system and is contingent upon Brown’s November ballot measure to raise state taxes to account for the shortcomings.

For taxpayers, this decision has mixed implications. Most considerably is the notion as to whether it is appropriate for Californians to bare the brunt of higher taxes that could have Continue reading